Arabic for Asatizah


Arabic for Asatizah” is a program professionally designed to equip Asatizah and Islamic studies teachers with the necessary Arabic language skills in teaching and referencing as we believe that an advanced Arabic language mastery is an essential need for Asatizah. Instructed by highly qualified teachers from Al- Azhar Ash- Sharif in Egypt. The program covers the main four skills of the Arabic language (Reading – Listening – Writing – Speaking) throughout grammar, vocabularies, and cultural understanding in professional, online private sessions supported by multiple types of learning activities.

What is the importance of Arabic language for Asatizah?

The Arabic language is the language of Al- Quran and authentic traditional Islamic scripts.

The course will enable Asatizah to guide their students in Quran and Islamic studies understanding.

The course will enhance the Asatizah credibility and authenticity for providing effective Islamic based learning materials to their students.

The course will guarantee first hand accessibility for Asatizah in their research and referencing.

Best course to learn Arabic online Arabic for Asatizah ?

  1. Practise Arabic grammar and language proficiency with native Arabic speakers.
  2. Experience interactive learning sessions with your dedicated lecturer to master the language effectively.
  3. Benefit from instruction by qualified Al-Azhar Al-Shariff lecturers and native Arabic speakers, ensuring high-quality education.
  4. Enjoy a flexible schedule tailored to your preferences, allowing for convenient learning at your own pace.
  5. Experience personalised attention with one-to-one classes, ensuring focused and customised learning.
  6. Access full HD recordings and comprehensive notes provided in your exclusive account, enhancing your learning experience and facilitating review.



  • Arabic Language Instructor.


  • Degree in Arabic Language, Al Azhar university, Egypt.
  • Advanced Degree in Quranic Dialects, Farshout Dialects Institute.
  • Diploma in Teaching Arabic for non-speakers, Cairo university, Egypt.
  • Long experience in teaching Arabic Language for non- native speakers.

Position :

  • Arabic Language Instructor.


  • Degree in Islamic & Arabic Studies, AL Azhar University.
  • Diploma in Teaching Arabic as a Second Language.


  • Arabic Language Instructor.


  • Degree in Arabic Language and Literature.
  • Degree in Computer Science & Engineering.
  • Training Associate & E- Learning Systems Developer

Arabic for Asatizah Program Features:




Google Meet


Flexible (Upon student's preference).

Class Size

One to one

Class Period

60 mins


Males & Females

Class Size

One to one

Class Period

60 mins.


males & females.

Under Supervision of: Sheikh Ahmad Abolkoll Al-Mesry Al-Azhary.

Why Ulum Al Azhar Academy?

  1. The only online academy  that is licensed and endorsed by The faculty of The Holy Quran, Al-Azhar Al Sharif, Egypt.
  2. Emphasis on strong values and efficient learning.
  3. Flexible schedules and online study options.
  4. Professional management to assist you 24-hour.
  5. Convocation Ceremony with certificates and recognition.
  6. Records classes and notes are available only in your private account.
  7. Engage in high-quality, simplified classic, and contemporary studies, to the fulfilment of educational objectives.
  8. Weekly complimentary additional classes to enhance the overall value of your studies.
  9. Experience affordable prices and fees, coupled with discounts through your educational journey.

What will you learn?

  1. Practise all four language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
  2. Expand your Arabic vocabulary for daily communication.
  3. Master Arabic grammar to enhance your command of Tajweed.
  4. Gain insights into Arabic culture and literature.
  5. Engage in exams and activities to reinforce learning.

Benefits of Learning Arabic Language:

  1. Gain deeper insights and reflections from the Quran.
  2. Enhance your Quranic recitation skills.
  3. Improve your understanding of Arabic grammar, enhancing your command of Tajweed.
  4. Get certification from Ulum Al-Azhar Academy, recognized by Al-Azhar University, Egypt.
  5. Elevate your career in teaching the Quran.


Pass Trial/ Interview Session.

Commitment to class schedule and fees.

Reliable internet connection.

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Yes. All lessons are recorded and uploaded in your classroom. 

Yes. You pick the time that suits you best. Teachers are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. 

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