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    What Ulum Al-Azhar


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    10 Reasons Why Ulum Al-Azhar

    10 Reasons Why

    Learn more About us Values, Lectures and Masteries.

    Values & Efficiency

    Islamic Institution with great vision & mission ensuring a great values and efficient learning process

    Highly Qualified Lecturers

    Highly qualified lecturers (males/ females) from AL AZHAR UNIVERSITY, EGYPT with professional training & teaching skills.

    Classic & Contemporary

    High class yet simplified classic also contemporary studies ensuring objectives to be met.

    Recognition & Endorsement

    Recognized academic syllabuses and study materials directly from scholars of AL AZHAR, EGYPT.

    Ease & Comfort

    Flexible schedules & online study to save your time and effort conveniently from home.

    Records & Monitoring

    Reports & classes recordings provided well saved and archived in private accounts only for you.

    Convocation Ceremony

    Convocation ceremonies along with certificates and recognition.

    Free added Values

    Weekly free additional classes to increase the value of your study.

    Professional Management

    High class well trained & professional management team to assist and support all along.

    Affordable budget

    Very affordable prices and fees with so many discounts all along.

    Our Students's Feedback

    Our Students's

    " We Are Not Only Teaching, We Inspire "

    Ahmad Ibrahim Tahrirat Program

    " Syukran Ya Sheikh for this knowledge as it is new for me and realizing the importance of Tahrirat. This is a mind-blowing experience "

    Siti Khadhijah Al-Fatihah 7X7 Program

    " Excellent knowledge by Sheikh ... want more and more .. he is knowledgeable and never make us to regret all question been answered clearly "

    Noretta Jacob Tahrirat Program

    " Thank you Syeikh for the meaningful day. I make doa that you'll be blessed with health to continue your blessed mission in spreading the love for Alquran. he engaging with the attendees and explain and elaborate in detail about Tahrirat and its applications. Thank you once again! "

    Zahara binte Ahmad Al-Fatihah 7X7 Program

    " Mostly love to learn Al Fatihah with 7 Qiraat and Flexible Time with questions and answers Hope to have more knowledge from Sheikh Ahmad "

    Ratu Jamilah Tahrirat Program

    " Sheikh Ahmad is very good, clear and knowledgeable .. I wrote my own notes and understand it easily at the end of the lesson I am able to go through myself again. "

    Muhammad Farhan Al-Fatihah 7X7 Program

    " Alhamdulillah, Efficiency presentation delivered by Syeikh very clear and always give the best more than what in the notes. "

    Waheeda Marican Tahrirat Program

    " Excellent speaker who knows how to manage a diverse audience.. could be my lack of exposure to listening to native Arab speakers😄 "

    Rina Supri Al-Fatihah 7X7 Program

    " The group is small hence more cozy and not intimidating.. Sheikh is very knowledgeable. He uses layman anology to make us understand. "

    Izzati Tahrirat Program

    " I have a better understanding on what is tahrirat. 2) I am more clear on the differences between qiraah, riwayah and thariq, and 3) now I know that I may choose to include different ways of reading the Quran if I wish to do so (provided that I know and have been guided to read the different ways/modes) Thank You

    Salamah Haron Al-Fatihah 7X7 Program

    " All the information and knowledge shared throughout the program was totally beneficial and fun to learn.. i like how chill the whole program is despite the long hours. "

    Muhammad Bin Yaacob Tahrirat Program

    " Barakallahu feekum dan May Allah accept effort n help prolong Syeikh in expanding Alquran Knowledges "

    Shahida Bee Tahrirat Program

    " The sheikh is able to summaries the topic after every topic he talk and his is quite clear in his explanation .. thank you "

    Ummul Nur Fathin Al-Fatihah 7X7 Program

    " The way Sheikh taught the topics in an interactive and easy to understand manner. "

    Ulum Al-Azhar Academy Crew

    Ulum Al-Azhar Academy

    " We Are Not Only Teaching, We Guide "

    Sheikh. Mohamad Yusuf
    Board Chief
    Sheikh. Mohamad Siddiq Al-hasani
    Academic Consultant
    Sheikh. Ahmad Abolkol Al-Mesry Al-Azhary
    Academic Director
    Ms. Sahar Samir Shahin
    Administration Director
    Ustaz Omar Mohamad Abolkol
    Administration Assistant
    Sheikh. Abdul Qadir Yusuf
    Academic Assistant Director
    Ustazah. Fatin Eid Nur Addin
    Quranic Studies Instructor
    Sheikh. Taha Mahdy AlAzhary
    Islamic Studies Lecturer
    Ustaz. Mustafa AlBarrad
    Arabic Language Lecturer
    Dr. M7med Saleh
    Quranic Studies Instructor
    Ustazah. Fatima Ali
    Quranic Studies Instructor
    Rawda Essam
    Dr. Rawda Essam
    Tajweed Studies Instructor
    Ahmad Shaban
    Ustaz. Ahmad Shaban
    Quranic Studies Instructor
    Ustazah. Syaidatul Humaira
    Tajweed Studies Instructor
    Sarah morshedy
    Ustazah. Sarah Morshedy
    Quranic Studies Instructor
    Ustazah. Nada Kamal
    Arabic Language Lecturer
    Ustazah. Hanyat Isa
    Quranic Studies Instructor