Quran For Life!

More understanding for More appreciation


Quran For Life!

More understanding for More appreciation


Quran For Life!

More understanding for More appreciation

More understanding for More appreciation

Basics of Quranic studies (Ulum Al-Quran) .

Discussions on both aspects recitation & understanding.

New systematic, practical & spiritual approach.

Recordings, materials & activities provided.

Highly qualified lecturers from AL Azhar, Egypt.

Recognized syllabuses & references by AL Azhar, Egypt.

Convocation ceremony upon completion of the Program.

What is special about this program ?

"Empower your Life, Start your Quranic Journey Now! "

(Limited seats left)

(Limited seats left)

Our Students' FeedBack

Our Students'

" We Are Not Only Teaching, We Guide "

Ahmad Ibrahim Tahrirat Program

" Syukran Ya Sheikh for this knowledge as it is new for me and realizing the importance of Tahrirat. This is a mind-blowing experience "

Siti Khadhijah Al-Fatihah 7X7 Program

" Excellent knowledge by Sheikh ... want more and more .. he is knowledgeable and never make us to regret all question been answered clearly "

Noretta Jacob Tahrirat Program

" Thank you Syeikh for the meaningful day. I make doa that you'll be blessed with health to continue your blessed mission in spreading the love for Alquran "

Zahara binte Ahmad Al-Fatihah 7X7 Program

" Mostly love to learn Al Fatihah with 7 Qiraat and Flexible Time with questions and answers Hope to have more knowledge from Sheikh Ahmad "

Ratu Jamilah Tahrirat Program

" Sheikh Ahmad is very good, clear and knowledgeable .. I wrote my own notes and understand it easily at the end of the lesson I am able to go through myself again. "

Muhammad Farhan Al-Fatihah 7X7 Program

" Alhamdulillah, Efficiency presentation delivered by Syeikh very clear and always give the best more than what in the notes. "

Waheeda Marican Tahrirat Program

" Excellent speaker who knows how to manage a diverse audience.. could be my lack of exposure to listening to native Arab speakers😄 "

Rina Supri Al-Fatihah 7X7 Program

" The group is small hence more cozy and not intimidating.. Sheikh is very knowledgeable. He uses layman anology to make us understand. "

Izzati Tahrirat Program

" I have a better understanding on what is tahrirat and the different ways of reading the Quran if I wish to do Thank You "

Salamah Haron Al-Fatihah 7X7 Program

" All the information and knowledge shared throughout the program was totally beneficial and fun to learn.. i like how chill the whole program is despite the long hours. "

Muhammad Bin Yaacob Tahrirat Program

" Barakallahu feekum dan May Allah accept effort n help prolong Syeikh in expanding Alquran Knowledges "

Shahida Bee Tahrirat Program

" The sheikh is able to summaries the topic after every topic he talk and his is quite clear in his explanation .. thank you "

Ummul Nur Fathin Al-Fatihah 7X7 Program

" The way Sheikh taught the topics in an interactive and easy to understand manner. "

    You Ask, We Answer

    You Ask,

    Quran for Life is a special educational program designed to help Muslims understand the Quran through fundamental principles and methods. It covers both recitation and understanding, and offers a spiritual and practical approach to ensure better application.

    The Quran for Life program is designed for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the Quran, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience.

    The Quran for Life program covers 9 subjects that are essential to understanding the Quran.
    The program will be taught by a highly qualified international speaker who is recognized by AL AZHAR Council, Egypt.

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