#1 Perfectly Beautify Your Voice in Quran with Maqamat & Tarannum Course

In-depth training on Maqamat & Tarannum Course to enhance the beauty and expressiveness of your voice in Quran recitation with highly qualified trainer from Al-Azhar, Egypt


‣ Summary

‣ Duration of Maqamat & Tarannum Course :

  • 2 Levels

    12 Hours per each Level

  • Class Period:

    60 mins

  • Class Size:

    One to one

  • Schedule:


As it is a practical study, the duration might differ depending on multiple factors.

‣ Maqamat & Tarannum Study Track:

  • Train vocal cords and breathing functions 
  • Set the foundational skills of recitation
  • Practical study of tha main 7 maqamat 
  • Practise selected verses/ chapters
  • Practical study of Interchanging usage of different maqamat 
  • Learn to imitate nominated reciters 
  • Practice on wide- free range of verses/ chapters

‣ Goals Of Studying Maqamat & Tarannum Course?

  • Practice voice & vocal cords, professional exercises, and routines.
  • Understand the 7 different Maqamat & Tarannum used in Quranic recitation.
  • Master the essential vocal techniques required to practice Maqamat & Tarannum.
  • Improve the quality and expressiveness of your voice while reciting the Quran.
  • Master the 7 different Maqamat & Tarannum in Quranic recitation.
  • Practice on selected verses & chapters from Al-Quran to utilise in your daily routine.
  • Imitate your favorite and international Quran reciters with a professional guide.

‣ Best course to learn Maqamat & Tarannum Online

Private Maqamat Mastery

Experience interactive learning sessions with your dedicated instructor to master the Maqamat effectively.

Al-Azhar qualified Trainer

Benefit from instruction by qualified Al-Azhar Al-Shariff lecturers and native Arabic speakers, ensuring high-quality education.

Customized one-on-one instruction.

Experience personalised attention with one-to-one classes, ensuring focused and customised learning.

Practice 7 Maqamat with experts.

Practise 7 different Maqamat/ Trannum with international Quran reciters & instructors.

Flexible learning schedule.

Enjoy a flexible schedule tailored to your preferences, allowing for convenient learning at your own pace.

HD recordings, comprehensive notes.

Access full HD recordings and comprehensive notes provided in your exclusive account, enhancing your learning experience and facilitating review.

‣ What’s Maqamat & Tarannum?

  • Maqamat are the traditional melodic modes used in Quranic recitation.
  • There are 7 Maqamat: Saba, Nahawand, Ajam, Bayat, Sika, Hejaz, Rast, and Kurd.
  • Each Maqam of the seven has its structure, tone, and rules.

‣ Instructor:

Maqamat & Tarannum

‣ What you’ll learn in Maqamat & Tarannum Course?

  • Understand the fundamentals of Maqamat.
  • Master essential vocal techniques for effective recitation.
  • Enhance the quality and expressiveness of your voice during recitation.
  • Apply the seven different Maqamat to Quranic recitation with precision.

‣ Benefits of Learning Maqamat & Tarannum:

  • Achieve proficiency in reciting the Quran with greater beauty.
  • Develop confidence in your recitation skills and abilities.
  • Deepen your spiritual connection with the Quran through more beautiful and heartfelt recitation.
  • Inspire others with your beautiful recitation, attracting the attention of both Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • Get certification from Ulum Al-Azhar Academy, recognized by Al-Azhar University, Egypt.

Mizmare Course - Maqamat & Tarannum

Training Features

▼ The 7 different Maqamat & Tarannum صنع بسحرك
Each letter in these two words represents a Maqam as:
  • Saba                   ص: صبا    
  • Nahawand          ن : نهاوند
  • Ajam                    ع : عجم
  • Bayat                  ب : بيات
  • Sika                     س: سيكا  
  • Hejaz                   ح: حجاز
  • Rast                      ر: رصد
  • Kurd                    ك: كرد
Age: Avenue: Schedule:
Google Meet.
Flexible (Upon student's preference)

‣ Requirements:

  • Tajweed practical sufficiency.

  • Reliable internet connection.

  • Commitment to class schedule and fees.

‣ Why Ulum Al Azhar Academy?

  • Only Academy in Malaysia that is licensed and endorsed by Al-Azhar, Egypt. 
  • Emphasis on strong values and efficient learning.
  • Highly qualified international lecturers and recognition from AL AZHAR AL SHARIF.
  • Flexible schedules and online study options.
  • Professional management to assist you 24-hour.
  • Convocation Ceremony with certificates and recognition.
  • Records classes and notes are available only in your private account.
  • Engage in high-quality, simplified classic, and contemporary studies, to the fulfillment of educational objectives.
  • Weekly complimentary additional classes to enhance the overall value of your studies.
  • Experience affordable prices and fees, coupled with discounts through your educational journey.

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‣ You Ask, We Answer

The term “Tarannum” is an Arabic word that means melody. It is often used in the context of Quranic recitation, there are 7 different modes of it. Muslim often learn Tarannum to enhance their voice in Quran recitation and connect deeper with Allah’s words.

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